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Entry #4

My wife left me...

2009-12-16 07:17:17 by MyDawg

All I did was tell her her boobs were to small. Next thing I know she hit's me on the head with a frying pan. I pass out and when I wake up, everything in the house is gone. The furnature, the appliances, the food, the KIDS. She took EVERYTHING. All I did was tell her her boobs were too small.


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2009-12-16 07:21:40

That's ok you still have... me.

MyDawg responds:

tee hee hee.


2009-12-16 18:02:49

Hey man.

MyDawg responds:

Steven! You finally made that account!


2009-12-16 18:07:46

lol dude yah

MyDawg responds:



2009-12-16 19:28:29

harshness btw...i'm not single.

MyDawg responds:



2009-12-16 21:19:41

Srry man, hay find her rewind her memory pause it give her boob implants play with them for a while play her and say nice tits

MyDawg responds:

Hey man! It worked! Thanks darkknight you're a real pal!